Daily Programs

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Encounter history, health and wellness with professional actors through live 20 minute Gallery Theater performances at the South Texas Heritage Center and the H-E-B Body Adventure.

Join museum educators for daily, healthy cooking demonstrations in the H-E-B Body Adventure, and stop by River Alive! for a guided exploration of invertebrate life in the San Antonio River.

Gallery Theater Performances and Demonstrations 

Free with museum admission.
For schedules and performance start times, call 210.357.1910.

Gallery Theater performances explore history and health and wellness with professional actors through live, 20-minute plays at the South Texas Heritage Center’s Will Smith Amphitheater and
in the H-E-B Body Adventure.  Demonstrations, led by museum educators and InterActors, include daily healthy cooking demonstrations in the H-E-B Body Adventure, encounters with live South Texas animals and a guided exploration of invertebrate life in the San Antonio River.

History Performances and Demonstrations in the Will Smith Amphitheater

Encounter history first-hand through these live, 20-minute plays written by regional playwrights:

  • La Chili Queen y El Serrano – Meet Jovita, one of San Antonio’s Chili Queens, and learn the story of these remarkable 19th century women entrepreneurs.
  • Vaquero y Cowboy – Join a vaquero and a cowboy as they swap stories around a campfire on their journey to San Antonio.
  • Longhorn Connections – Lizzie works polishing horns for Longhorn furniture maker Wenzel Friedrich and she loves to tell stories.  Learn through her eyes what life was like at the height of the 19th century Texas trail drive era.

Ropes and Brands – Explore the ways cowboys and vaqueros use ropes and brands.

Chuckbox Cuisine – Find out who the Bean Wrangler is and what he might carry in a chuckbox.

Dressing for the Job – Try on chaps, boots and hats to find out how cowboys and vaqueros protect themselves.

Health and Wellness Gallery Theater and Demonstrations in the H-E-B Body Adventure

Explore the principles of health and wellness in live, 20-minute performances with this cast of characters:

  • Peristaltic Plumber – Discover the way food travels through the body and provides nourishment and energy.
  • Captain Calcium – Explore how our bones keep us moving and what we can do to keep them healthy and strong.
  • Choosy Chef – What does your nose know? The Choosy Chef explores the sense of smell through scents, odors and aromas.


Fresh from the Garden

Sample tasty, healthy snacks and learn how to make them at home through interactive cooking demonstrations in the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Demonstration Kitchen.

Natural History Experience at River Alive!

River Alive!

Get your hands wet as you explore local aquatic life at the River Alive! touch tank, a self-guided investigation station overlooking the San Antonio River.  Find out about the invertebrates that call the river home and why water quality is important to both our health and the health of the river.