Marise McDermott President/CEO 210-357-1924
Priscilla Soto Chief Financial Officer 210-357-1927
Bea Abercrombie Chief Administrative Officer 210-357-1871
Yesika Moreno Chief of Staff 210-357-1881
Kim Biffle Vice President of External Affairs 210-357-1860
Talli Dolge Director of Sales and Events 210-357-1896
Katye Brought Director of Communications 210-357-1876
Amy Fulkerson Chief Curator 210-357-1868
Linda Gerber Museum Store 210-357-1895
Christina Casella Director of Play 210-357-1901
Randall Webster Vice President of Exhibitions 210-357-1870
Ralph Voight Vice President of Visitor Experience 210-357-1894
Mike Sprague Vice President of Facilities 210-357-1864
Bruce Shackelford Curator of South Texas Heritage 210-357-1862
Harry Shafer, Ph.D. Curator of Archeology 210-863-0141
Heather Welder Russo Vice President of Development 210-357-1851
Jo’Anna Rosales Volunteer and Internship Program Manager 210-357-1891
Sarita Rodriguez Vice President of Public Programs 210-357-1933
Joseph Reyes Director of Creative Design and Brand 210-357-1887
Kenny Placido Director of IT Operations 210-357-1899
Laura MacKay Membership Manager 210-357-1863
Helen Holdsworth Curator of Texas Wild 210-357-1890
Bryan Bayles, Ph.D. Curator of Anthropology 210-357-1908
Thomas Adams, Ph.D. Curator of Paleontology & Geology 210-357-1852

Executive Committee

Kate Rogers At Large
Michael “Mike” Bolner At Large
Dirk Elmendorf Technology
Eddie Aldrete Messaging
Deborah Gray Marino Development
Walter Embrey Facilities
Peggy W. Walker Capital Campaign
Mark H. Metcalfe Past Chair
Jack Stein Treasurer
Ryan Berg Secretary
J.J. Feik Vice Chair
Don Gonzales Chair


Amy Perry
Elizabeth West
Mary West Traylor
Jesse Travis
Edward Steves
Lane Riggs
Richard Prior
Ryan Pape
Susan Naylor
Esteban Lopez
Jim Halff
Bryan Grundhoefer
Betty Feldman
John Edwards
Anthony Edwards
David Dunham
Heather Chandler
Craig Browning
Mary Arno